Dedicated to Community-Based Watershed Stewardship through Citizen Volunteer Monitoring

Alabama Water Watch (AWW) is a citizen volunteer, water quality monitoring program covering all of the major river basins in Alabama. AWW is a part of the Global Water Watch network.

The AWW vision is to have a citizen monitor on every stream, river, lake and coast in Alabama. The goal of AWW is to foster the development of statewide water quality monitoring by:

  • Educating citizens on water issues in Alabama and the world
  • Training citizens to use standardized equipment and techniques to gather credible water information using quality assurance protocols.
  • Empowering citizens to make a positive impact by using their water monitoring data for environmental education, waterbody restoration and protection, and involvement in watershed stewardship.

AWW receives support from multiple sources including the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, grants from various governmental and private agencies, and contributions from individuals and groups throughout the state.

We invite you to take a few minutes to view AWW’s award winning video, produced in 1998 and digitally enhanced and updated in 2010 (click the ‘Living Downstream’ link below).

This video documents key individuals and efforts in the early days that provided a solid foundation for the formation of a highly-successful statewide volunteer monitoring program, and updates of key success stories that have been built on this foundation.

The success of AWW depends on the volunteerism and commitment of Monitoring Groups. Volunteers may participate in AWW by becoming certified and regularly monitoring their waterbodies. They may also identify problems by analyzing data and taking action steps to resolve water quality problems. Support to monitoring groups, the program and the association is funded, in part, through membership dues, gifts and services.

  • We miss you, Gary
    We are sad to report the loss of one of our AWW family of volunteer monitors, Mr. Gary Collins from Talladega, Alabama. Gary passed away the morning of Friday, October 9th, 2015 on his way to work on his motorcycle when someone … Continue reading →