History and Mission

What is Alabama Water Watch?

Alabama Water Watch is a citizen volunteer, water quality monitoring program covering all of the major river basins of the state. The mission of AWW is to improve both water quality and water policy through citizen monitoring and action.

Established in 1992, AWW is a national model for citizen involvement in watershed stewardship, largely because of its three interrelated components: citizen monitoring groups, a university-based program, and a non-profit association.

AWW uses EPA-approved monitoring plans with a community-based approach to train citizens to monitor conditions and trends of their local waterbodies.

With a “data-to-action” focus, AWW helps volunteers collect, analyze, and understand their data to make positive impacts.

AWW Vision and Goals

The AWW vision is to have a citizen monitor on every stream, river, lake and coast in Alabama. The goal of AWW is to foster the development of statewide water quality monitoring by:

  • Educating citizens on water issues in Alabama and the world
  • Training citizens to use standardized equipment and techniques to gather credible water information using quality assurance protocols.
  • Empowering citizens to make a positive impact by using their water monitoring data for environmental education, waterbody restoration and protection, and involvement in watershed stewardship.

Training and Certifications

Learn about watersheds, and how to evaluate physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water.

  • Water Chemistry Monitoring
  • Bacteriological Monitoring
  • Stream Biomonitoring

Get Involved

Get Certified as a Water Monitor
Trainings are offered throughout the year statewide. Visit our website or call the program office for details and to register for a workshop.

Put Your Data into Action
Use AWW resources and data to educate others and improve your local waterbodies.

Share Your Experiences
Inspire others by telling them how your actions have made a positive difference.

Join the AWW Association
Become a member of the Association to support statewide watershed stewardship.