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AWW wants to hear YOUR story!

Being part of Alabama Water Watch means being part of a community that is dedicated to the same goal: protecting and restoring Alabama’s water resources. The AWW family is all of the monitors, AWW Association members, program staff, and supporters who are the backbone of Alabama Water Watch.

As a community we should celebrate our successes, support each other in difficult situations, and learn from each others’ experiences. We want to know how monitors use their water data and how groups are working together with their communities to protect water resources.

Monitors have used water quality data to influence positive change in watersheds across the state. Each “Success Story” is unique and offers important lessons for other monitors. Our hope is that monitors throughout the state will read these real-life data to action stories and be encouraged to think creatively when faced with difficult water quality issues and to be encouraged to strengthen their monitoring efforts to find solutions to those issues.

AWW would like to highlight your group’s success stories and share helpful tips that you may have for water monitoring and community involvement. If you have a success story or helpful suggestion to share, you can contact the AWW office by phone or email. These stories can be about your personal experience, that of your group or another monitor.

We look forward to hearing from you about your success story!
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