Message from the Director

Thanks to an army of dedicated AWW citizen volunteers, 2016 turned out to be a good year for AWW! 2016 was our first year under the directorship of Dr. Srivastava, who took over the reins of the AU Water Resources Center in mid-2015. Dr. Srivastava put upgrading our websites and our database as top priorities, and thanks to his efforts and those of the good folks in ACES-Ag Information Technology and AU Communications and Marketing, and especial thanks to Sergio and Jim Johnson, whose long hours put in to upgrade the AWW database, things are looking good! As I said at our AWW Annual Meeting, we at AWW are lucky to have a person of Dr. Srivastava’s caliber (Butler-Cunningham Eminent Scholar in the College of Agriculture, Professor in the Department of Biosystems Engineering, Distinguished Engineer Award recipient from the Alabama Section of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) – he elevates all that we do – thanks Dr. S!

A major loss to the AWW Program was the loss of Miss Rita, AWW cat-herder extraordinaire – we continue to miss her. Initially, we thought that it was the onset of Armageddon, but thanks to our amazing staff, we survived! Special thanks to Miss Sydney Smith, who stepped in without hesitation to help fill the shoes of Miss Rita (note, Sydney is partial to E. coli – see staff/).

AWW conducted 98 workshops in the past year, thanks in large part to our dedicated citizen trainers! With 472 new water watchers on the ground, we will get even closer to realizing our vision of having a monitor on every stream, river, lake, bay and bayou in the state.

And thanks to support from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the work of Miss Mona through 4-H AWW, 4,000 young Alabamians have learned about this state’s aquatic treasures and how to preserve and protect them.

Other notable achievements of the past year include:

Lastly, AWW is excited about 2017 – it’s our 25th Anniversary! We’re working on a special gathering to celebrate 25 years of watershed stewardship – we’ll keep you posted! I want to personally thank all of you for all that you do in support of the AWW Program, and preserving our treasured Alabama waters for all to enjoy! Have a joyous and blessed holiday season!

Eric Reutebuch, Director

2016 at a glance…

  • 98 Workshops Conducted
  • 472 Individuals Certified
  • 2,800 Water Data Records Submitted
  • 4,000 Youth Educated

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