RCWMP Activities

Updated Land-Use Analysis

The Auburn University Geology Department conducted a land-use analysis for the Rock Creek Watershed. Maps produced through this analysis are used to educate the community about changes in land-use activities and the effect they are having on water quality. In addition the maps enable the identification of high risk zones within the watershed.

Agriculture Best Management Practices Implementation

Project funds totaling $150,000 have been committed to cost- share with local landowners who want to install best management practices to improve local water quality. Field demonstrations and workshops will be offered to help others understand the value of these practices.

Residential Landscaping BMPs

Through workshops and publications citizens will have the chance to learn how to manage their lawns and gardens in a way that also protects and improves water quality.

Water Quality Education in Local Schools

Volunteers and local educators will share their passion for protecting water quality with local students through RCWMP sponsored school programs.

Citizen Water Monitoring

Citizens have been doing water quality testing in the RCW since 1996. Citizen monitoring is very important to the success of this project. In particular the bacteria data collected will help to identify problem spots in the watershed and to evaluate the success of project activities. Visit Alabama Water Watch for general water monitoring information.

Septic Tank Maintenance Workshops

Workshops will help citizens understand how proper septic tank maintenance can do a great deal to improve water quality.

General Community Outreach

By participating in community events, publishing information on the website and other media venues and by giving presentations to civic organizations this project aims to improve general understanding of watersheds, water quality, and nonpoint source pollution.

Project Partners
Bill Deutsch –Project Director
Mona Dominguez- Project Coordinator
Mike Henshaw – ACES Winston County
Tony Glover – ACES Cullman County
Wade Hill – NRCS Winston County
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The Rock Creek Watershed Management Plan
RCWMP Brochure
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Smith Lake Waterbody Report (link to other publications)
GIS Land Use Maps

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Bacteria Blitzes
Pathogens are one of the major types of contamination in the Rock Creek Watershed.