Monitoring Supplies

AWW Tiger Giving Project Mini-grant Program

This fund can assist any AWW certified monitor or monitoring group with purchasing a LaMotte water chemistry test kit, chemical refills for the test kit, or Coliscan Easygel bacteriological monitoring supplies. Funding is limited to $400 per approved applicant.

AWW will accept applications for Tiger Giving funds year-round and evaluate them on a quarterly basis.  To be eligible to receive a mini-grant, you must:

  • Complete the AWW Tiger Giving Mini-grant Application Form (found at link below)
  • Be a certified AWW monitor and up-to-date with AWW certification
  • Start monitoring at an orphaned site or establish a new site
  • Commit to monitoring for one year (at least 9 of 12 months) and regularly submit monitoring data
  • Be open to sharing your new test kit with others in your area if the need arises

The application is available here: Tiger Giving Mini Grant Application

Water Chemistry Monitoring Supplies are purchased through LaMotte Company. Click here for ordering information.